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Read all of this and know the truth that they work so hard to hide which I found so easily at my own expense.

I had been taking adderral for 3 1/2 years, and it has changed me into a different person. No longer am I just ADD I have twitches now.. I am always thinking weird thoughts, I will laugh out of nowhere just because I get the feeling to, Itís like losing control of your emotions, I go about things in awkward ways when there are basic simple ways to go about them, adderall alters your mind in ways its not supposed to be.. Words can not explain what it does, itís a double sided sword, concentration for your personality, your life, your body you might as well just stab yourself with the sword. My whole interpretation on things is just off and I would swear up and down I was right on things that were so obviously wrong and would jump out at your average day to day person. Your so emotional and unstable (which comes after you canít deal with the strong emotions your feeling, can take anywhere from 1month to whenever your breaking point is) that and misinterpretation will have you either real happy or real sad, thatís even if you can display any emotions, maybe just a blank face, when it comes to anger you have to struggle to restrain yourself from doing bad things or plotting bad things. After a year or so some can come to control these things, thatís if they know they are doing it and understand they are wrong, because if you tell them they are wrong and they think they are right they will just shut you out and continue on as they were doing and if you try to come between them and a decision your their worst enemy. Donít even give them any suspicion your talking about them behind their back or just anything disrespectful, with their strange paranoid like behavior they are likely to inflict harm or what ever is necessary to protect themselves not necessarily from physical harm but mental as they see it. Iíve seen people viciously just beat by a enraged adderall user for thinking he brushed against his girlfriend, and there is no end to what they will do to you because your strength/endurance/speed is like times 10 when you have adrenaline + adderall + rage, you can see it in their eyes even though blinded by rage they can see their goal and know that the fight will be to the death or close to it unless stopped and just try to break up one of those fights and they will turn on you just as fast(Iíve seen at least 8 fights like this just in my area alone Houston, TX during high school). Adderall will make you fight/argue over stupid things(a stable relationship is difficult to remain due to your sudden changes in feelings etc..). I use to have perfect speech now I just run stuff together and just mess things up when speaking( I will start a sentence and like pause and stutter it back up again, its ridiculously horrible) AND IT WONT JUST GO AWAY!!!! Everyday I wake up thinking maybe itís just temporary and will go away. I just start talking everything is fine then it just resurfaces again. It makes you not care anymore, my whole since of balance is off.. I ran track for 4 years in high school I've never had problems keeping my balance. Their are days I will try to walk a straight line and just go off to the side unconsciously itís as if you had weights on one side and not the other. it does treat add for a while appearing to have no side effects besides like: loss of appetite,drymouth,headache(sometimes),upset stomach(sometimes) just little things the headache is not even like a headache but as slight discomfort you would probably just ignore which subsides rather quickly. Why be alarmed though, they tell you this is going to happen but as I took it longer it started to have many adverse effects.. The only drug I've been taking is adderall nothing else, not even regular over the counter drugs. And I know I'm not alone I have many friends who take it and have took it as long or longer than I have and are telling me they are going through some of the same things with little variation. But continue to take it to temporarily help concentration at the cost of speech and proper movement and thinking It is been so largely distributed without long-term testing, These effects accumulated for 3 Ĺ years just think about what it is doing to people who have been taking it longer, They probably arenít people anymore. I have long stop taking it and I know I'll never be like I was before (I lost many friends because I no longer have similar interest as them and it just goes on forever, it creates another you, only thing that matters to you is the present and to think ahead you will have to stop thinking of the present to think ahead to the future and only that). This drugs side effects outweighs what it does for you (the little time that it does it) in the long run. I swear, no matter what they tell you don't take it and don't give it to kids. I think they know what the effects are but continue to sell it just for the money. It's a slow death rather it be physically or mentally. I wished many of days I would have never started taking it, my life is just confusion, I can't cope with how bad this is and they still give it away. The side effects they list are the little ones. The big ones that take years to develop just from my own experience are the most devastating and you probably won't even notice till you start messing up your life then it's already too late. I am not a scientist or a professional or anything but I know from experience and have seen what adderall does in well over 25 people. I'm only 19 years old I graduated in the top percentage of my class of 954 and made it as far as sophomore in college before I crashed, just grabs you and its over, I donít know what it takes from you but you place a mental barrier which feels to me like it lowers your IQ, you wonít just get things or solve them unless you start adderall again which is like I said before about the sword, I can see how people can get caught in a cycle and eventually speed up the rate of your self destruction. Just stop and walk away with what you got while you still can, while youíre still breathing I donít care how dependant you are on it. And there are those people who take it just to get speed rushes and buy it off the street not even knowing the little side effects the pharmacy gives you. I am being forced to live with these very handicaping disabilities. I write this so people will know the truth behind it all. Learn from my mistakes, you donít want to live like this you wonít even want this on your worst of enemies. They take your money then your life and anyone elses you may bring down with you while on adderall. Adderall should have in big letters on every one of their ****ing bottles. DECEPTION/CONFUSION/DEATH/CURSED. They are all connected if it doesn't kill you, it will leave you cursed.. Disoriented and confused permanently. I wish I had my life back where I was just normal, I canít even play the games I use to play right (I use to be the best in my school at Starcraft a real time strategy game. Kiss that good bye. Just rule out any game that requires you to think in real time and act on it, because you will never have that timing placement, thinking right.) I cry everyday and I just can't stop because this just isn't right they shouldn't have done this to me, my friends and whoever else is going through this. Please I am begging who ever reads this, take me very seriously. I know it may be a little hard to understand because I put lots of feelings in here but they are real and I know people who are going through this know also..

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