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A conversation with Molly's speech therapist was interesting...
Molly is more focused one-on-one for her. Much more fluent, talkative, self initiating conversation, assertive. In a small speech group she is right on with the topic, engaged with the group, sometimes interrupting and frequently implusive, sometimes too implusive, sometimes too talkative BUT engaged.

This verses the last half of last year, in speech, on Concerta. Tics, alot of handpicking, some grimacing (the tics started to subside in late Fall after Tenex) and also withdrawal from interaction. Quite and more composed, yes but not engaged. Focused, yes but only with a good amount of proding would she have a conversation.... and yes just a tiny bit zoned. But she could focus.

So Molly's speech teacher is happy with Straterra.

However, in her regular class Molly is focusing with difficulty, very talkative wants always to engage the teacher or her classmates. On a 1-10 scale (with 8 being a 'normal' kid and 10 beign superhuman), Molly was rating 7-8 in the Fall, now in regular, class she is around a 5.

So now what?

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