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Regarding "bipolar", I know exactly what you mean. When I was first diagnosed with ADHD (by two separate Psychologists, on the theory that they COULDN'T treat ADHD, and so would be unlikely to diagnose it unless it were true) the Psychiatrist decided after 10 minutes that I was bipolar and slapped me on Topamax. After a hellish month on that stuff, I fired him and started going to a GP who gives me what I tell him to.

(I should probably say that even the GP wanted a few months before he gave an adult Ritalin - understandable. Unfortunately, Ritalin made me horribly depressed.)

I'm in kind of a similar situation as you. Wellbutrin works well for me, and treats my latent depression as well as my ADD. However, I am completely unable to sleep at night if I take Wellbutrin, so I've been trying Strattera. Strattera does well for the attention, but not so hot for the depression.

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