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My husband is undiagnosed but we believe he has a disorder called OCPD Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. Not to be confused with OCD. There are many symptoms that deal with "thruth owning" perfectionism, ridgidness, control and many more, inlcuding the inability to be wrong or at fault or imperfect, which is why those who suffer from it rarely get treatment because there can't be anything wrong with them. It's everyone else. I am pretty sure he will not be able to comprehend what it is not to be able to "stop it and fix ourselves". That's why we did not involve him in my son's grades. I knew his handling of it would be probably harmful. He already is completely against me seeing a doctor about my unhappiness. He feels it's rediculous and a waste of money. "if you really want to improve just put your mind to it". I will be bringing this up at my next appointment. Right now my anxiety about speaking to him about this is looming everyday. But I am ready to do whatever is necessary to help my son's life and self esteem improve. And mine of course.

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