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I've had ADHD since I was a child, went un-diagnosed until 10 years ago when I was 46. Dexedrine was given to me by a Pain Specialist MD to counter droopy side-effects from taking Methadone, 60mg. a day. It was then I "woke up" for the first time ever to see things in focus. I eventually got switched to Adderall, came off pain meds but stayed on Adderall, 30mg. twice daily. It came out that I had Depression/Anxiety disorder (which seems to come with ADHD in many) My Psych Doc had me on 10mg. Prozac, 350mg. Wellbutrin, and 0.5 Xanax 3 a day. After a while it seemed something was not working right, went through a Ritalin trial, then Vyvanse, and back to Adderall, which had less side-effects for me than the others. I was bumped to 30mg.X 3 daily. It's been a few years now and it seems like none of the meds are working well. I must add that during the past 3-4 years, I've had several bad things going on, painful child support/custody/Divorce issues, loss of work, the deaths of my Dad, sister-in-law of 20 years that ended our music playing, my life-long best friend was killed, 3 other old friends also died, I was exposed to toxic mold for 2 years, which has caused medical issues and that is under litigation, and constant financial problems. It may be just the overload of stressors or the meds need adjusting, I don't know, but not even 90mg. of Adderall keeps me focused and I don't know what the other meds are doing but they don't seem to help. I feel more hopeless as time goes along, almost like I don't seem to get excited over anything, I feel spacey and un-motivated, low energy, I am 56 but I don't know what to do. I've talked with my Dr. but can't seem to tell her my meds are seemingly in-effective anymore for fear of getting taken off them or given something worse. I need the focus but even Adderall seems to be not working, but I've heard too much makes an ADHD'er sleepy. I'm grasping for straws if anyone can see light and shed some for me. Thanks, JB

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