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That's great that you found something that works. The only generic prescription that I am aware of is Ritalin.

My son, who is now 16, was first on Adderal, which was ineffective for him. 2. Straterra that worked at only a high dose and then stopped after a few years. Lastly, Concerta, which was the best. As of summer of last year, he no longer needs any medication because he takes a vitamin supplement called Phosphatidylserine. My son is more ADD. Never hyper.

I did not want to try Ritalin. I can't remember exactly why, but I know it's from what I have heard from others and medical reports. I do have a nephew that was on Ritalin. Let's just say he is going into Navy SEALS. There is no fear in him! My sister-in-law couldn't cope with his hyperness, and I know it was difficult in school.

Like you, we are a victim of overpriced brand named drugs. I would love to be able to afford brand Imitrex for my migraines. Fortunately, yes there is a generic, however, it's not as good and the formula is clearly different. Alas, $70 vs $10 (copays) for 18 tablets, the generic will have to do! -My copay is probably even higher now since January 1st, since everything else seams to have gone up!

Maybe there is someone else out there that knows of any good generics.

Feel good & be well! ;)

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