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In my experience with being on Adderall, I can sometimes "forget" to eat or drink enough water because of the appetite suppressing effect. However, after talking with my doctor, he referred to my medical charts and noticed my past history with mild hypoglycemia and anemia and asked what my diet was like. I realized that I had not been eating well enough to keep up my daily activities - eating sometimes was an afterthought for when the kids were settled, I had my chores done, finished the laundry...

To combat the hypoglycemia I make sure I eat at least a bowl of cereal in the morning so I have a start to my day with some fuel in me. I also make sure I have some easy, high protein snacks available in my purse (raw almonds or cinnamon almonds, yum!) and make a conscious effort to snack on healthy stuff throughout the day (fruit, yogurt, etc., although beware of eating citrus (oranges) too close to the time you take your adderall because it can negatively interact with it's effectiveness.) I've always been a grazer, so it works for me, and when dinner rolls around I try to eat a small but well balanced meal. Sometimes this means that I eat when I don't feel that hungry, but even if I was feeling fairly uninterested in food I usually feel better after eating within a half hour.

Also make sure you drink enough fluids! I try to make sure I carry a water bottle with me all the time. Adderall can cause some dehydration, which can cause fatigue and muddy thinking, not to mention the occasional and annoying case of dry mouth! :p

Anemia is VERY common in women but also can occur in men - I take an iron supplement once a day and that really has helped my energy levels (low iron levels can really kill your energy!) Also, I learned that adderall, since it does affect the metabolism, can make your body go through certain vitamins and minerals more quickly (particularly B vitamins, so I also take a B-complex supplement daily in addition to my regular multivitamin.)

Omega-3 supplements (fish oil is what I use, you can get it purified so mercury isn't an issue) are also making some headlines that they can help with some ADHD and anxiety symptoms by helping overall brain function. You might want to talk to your doctor about how he feels about adding some supplements like that to augment your treatment.

Overall, I've learned over time that medication is wonderful for controlling ADHD symptoms but also needs to be respected as a powerful drug that also affects other parts of the body. Sometimes we need to make sure that we are aware of those and make sure we educate ourselves so that we can gain the most benefit from our meds while incorporating other techniques into our lives that allow us to do so!

Sorry for the long post, but I went through quite some time where I was thinking I needed to up my meds but becoming more aware of my diet, vitamin/mineral needs, and overall self-care made a huge difference. Which was good, since I am already on quite a high dosage of my meds and don't really want to go any higher if I can avoid it! :D

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