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Mary C.
I am responding to your post as I can relate to your
negative experience with medication. It seems all children are different and respond differently to each
kind of medication. I have tried several with my son who is now 8 years old and diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette's Disorder and Asperger's syndrome. Wow! What
a mouthful huh! It all started in kindergarten with a
very "set in her ways" teacher who blamed every little
thing that happened in the class on my son. He was completely ostracized from the other children and literally retreated into his own little world because the classroom environment was too much for his just turned 5 year-old brain to handle. And in hindsight I
realize now I should have pulled him out of the class-
room and put more of the blame at the teachers door. She already had him diagnosed with ADHD and was resistant to try any of the behavior modifications I
suggested. So anyway due to my son showing such scary
signs of depression and increased anxiety I took him to
see a psychologist and we started on the long, long journey of finding the root of the problem. He was seen by a wonderful psychiatrist, his pediatrician, an
incredible neurologist and was also psych tested by a
very knowledgeable psychologist. It was the whole team
of professionals working together to cut through the
quagmire of symptoms to get to where we are today. The
biggest suggestion I can give you at this point is to
have your daughter Psych tested by a reputable psychologist. It is in the testing where the ADHD will show up as well as any underlying mood disorder. It
helped us tremendously in finding the best way to treat
my son's disorders. My son did not do well on adderall
or zoloft. In fact while on the zoloft he had a
"psychotic episode" veryyyy scaryyyy! Because of his
complex neurological situation some meds are not good
for him and others are. Unfortunately its trial and
error to find the good ones. Typically with tourettes
stimulants are not recommended because they will make
the tics worse. But in my sons situation Concerta did
work really well for his ADHD symptoms with a little
help from low doses of both clonidine and risperdal. This is getting lengthy so I will wrap it up. I hope
this has been helpful, my best advice continues to be
the psych testing if it hasn't already been done. It
was invaluable to us due to the wide range of symptoms
displayed by my son. Good luck!

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