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You got a couple good things going for you. Ritalin helps. Dexedrine doesn't. Trazadone is poison for you.

Some type of sleep disorder will come back with sleep study results in February.

I don't think ADD is the cause of your problems. Your before Ritalin symptom list doesn't describe ADD. It looks like a list of chronic mental fatigue symptoms that comes from prolonged sleep deprivation.

IMO, Ritalin is suppressing your mental fatigue symptoms not ADD symptoms. Ritalin is putting you back into functional range on some days. So, yes, Ritalin is needed because it is "masking" (suppressing) symptoms that will put you out of a job otherwise.

You do need a diagnosis that positively identifies the failing system function causing your symptoms. The problem must be defined before an effective solution can be prescribed.

Do your homework. Research every possibility. Learn as much as you can. Stop worrying about biasing your feelings about the possible causes. You should want to discover possible causes. Your doctors to date haven't been diagnosing you none to well. Indirect? Did I read correctly, you are in IT? Indirection does not get you answers, it gets everyone including your doctor confused.

Spend your next 100 yours researching what could be ailing you. It will enable you to give more precise, more accurate, more detailed descriptions of your symptoms to your doctor that will help him do his diagnostic job.


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