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my 7 yr. old (the boy who can't swollow a pill) started straterra 18mg 3 days ago. i have seen none of the extreme sleepiness or the anger outbursts. in a few days time i actually have seen a difference. usually at school (they work on the clip system, moved once=warning...5 times=office, etc.) if he is called on once for his behavior there is this downward spiral, seems like he gives up and his day is ruined for a simple warning. "it's not fair, no one likes me, the teacher picks on me" this is when the problems with impulse behavior show up the most. first 2 days trouble free! coincidence? yesterday he came home and his clip was moved once for talking. i asked him how he managed to only have the one warning and he responded "i did'nt want to get in any big trouble so i stayed quiet mama" HUGE AMAZING MONUMENTAL MOMENT for me! We'll see if any side effects show up after day 4 when we start the 25mg dose.

as i stated in an earlier post, i have never had him on anyother medication so maybe the anger/rage side effect is one from stopping the stimulant medications. sort of like an adult drug user having withdrawl.

i hope straterra really is doing the trick and i hope it does for all of your children too. also, my ped. said that the drug is effective immediately? i see alot here about a 3 week plateau point. i definately see a change now.

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