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This is the first time I have ever entered a website forum. I did a search for "straterra" and came up with this. I have a 7 yr. old son who has a problem controlling impulsive behavior. this causes problems at school, teacher suggests adhd tests, i'm sure all here know how it goes...anyway, it was chaos trying to get the child to take a pill. can't swollow, tried pudding, applesauce, you name it. pill kept getting spit out. i call the doc and he says my only other option is aderoll which can be opened and given in powder form mixed with whatever. i want to stay away from stimulants. I called lilly today and they tell me the reason they say the pill must be given whole is that 1) it was never administered any other way during testing so the effects of a crushed saterra pill are not yet proven effective, and 2) the ingredients in the pill are irritating. can cause redness on the skin, bad to inhale, and dangerous if gotten in the eye and may irritate the throat. this should explain the stomach pains i have read many of you describing. next i called the pharmacist ( whom i trust greatly) and she told me that it is not a time release capsule and if i crush it it should be fine, just chase with a glass of milk or whatever the child wishes to drink.

anyone else had pill issues? how do you get an already combative child to take a pill without making it seem like a punishment? i do not want him to hate the meds if they can help him!

also, we have never been on any other medication. does anyone else have a child who has taken only straterra? is it working? I have a million questions and feel like only someone who is experiencing this first hand can answer them. my sons doc says "well, we still don't know much other than what the data tells us." i need real life answers not data!

please respond

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