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My 6 year old son who is 47 lbs. just started on Strattera he finished day 4 of the 18 mg and started the 25 mg today. His first day he was falling asleep constantly, he NEVER sleeps!! We were concerned at first, since then this seems to have subsided although he is asleep minutes after we put him in bed, whereas before it took him a few hours to fall asleep each night.

Day 1 and 2 weren't that good, but day 3 and 4 seemed better. Today, Day 5 he was sent to the principals office, for arguing, refusing to sit down, generally out of control.

We are trying to hang in there, for a few more weeks, to give this the benefit of the doubt. If this medicine really does what it says it does it would be wonderful to have the same child all day without the ups and downs.

I know we all have bad days sometimes, and his dr has suggested we reward him for however many "good" days he has instead of taking things away for the "bad" days. So we are trying this, I will do anything at this point, I know so much of this he can't help and want to give him every opportunity we can.

Anyone have any advice, thoughts??? WE will take anything we can get right now, and celebrate and pray for the good days and deal with the bad days!

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