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I am trying to stop for a while to lower my tolerance as I have stated in previous post. I can get through a bit over a day without taking it and then I start to crave it and can't stop thinking about it. I tried having my girl friend hide the pills but I end up finding them(I know its stupid). I am down to one daily dose instead of two but I just get so tired and knowing that I have them it hard to not take em. Once I get through a couple days I'm fine since I have only been on it for a little over a month. I am gonna end up getting rid of the tomorrow and its 2 weeks before I refill so that will make it easier but. How do those of you that take days off do it? Cause its becoming a problem taking it everyday and is not an option to do so. The side effects are too much with everyday use and I fear how dependent I will become as time goes on, also the tolerance issue. Any suggestions?
Hi and thanks for replying. I started on 5mg ir 2x daily and after 2 weeks he upped me to 10mg and for the past 2 weeks I have been on 20mg ir tabs 2x a day. The side effects have driven me to seek a different dosing method because I can not have sex with my wife at all and it was starting to lose its positive effects due to tolerance and that I am on other meds that act to have a counter active effect on the adderall. I talked to my doctor and he said that I can take a couple days off a week if I want and I should have no problem doing so. But as to your question of getting a buzz from the adderall yes I did get a little buzz when I was first taking it, nothing to write home about but I would get energy for like an hour then I would mellow out and just get really focused. But that has stopped and my tolerance has gone up with everyday use and now I just get the neg sides. Thus the taking days off. I was put on adderall for ADD and because the other med I am on makes me extremely tired all day and I was falling asleep while driving everyday and at work. So it has become a never ending search for the right way to take it for me. I have cut down to one daily dose of 20mg just so I can get off easier initially but when I wake up the next day I'm so tired and blah that I end up talking myself into one more day. Needless to say I am adjusting my dose of my other med to account for days of adderall so I won't be as groggy from them. This drug is very tricky. Also I work second shift doing a physical type job and drive 45min each way 6 days a week. So I've come to rely on it for an energy boost and help me work hard all night. It has saved my job as I was always late and slacking off before and was written up. I know I need to just suck it up and not take up and its not gonna be that bad but I need to minimize the fatigue if possible so I don't get fired and up on the streets.
I'm confused. You have "tolerance" after a month? How can you tell?

I've been on the same dose for 3 years.

Well I take the same dose and it stopped having any effect. No focus , no energy. Just left with the negative side effects. I'm sure the other meds I'm on have an effect on it also as they are both depress ants. So instead of continuing to up my dose(which my doctor offered). We decided I would take it as needed and take days off. He is the one that told me that its my tolerance along with the other meds contracting adderall. I am trying magnesium and ltyrosine when I don't take the adderall with minor success.

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