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Your husband sounds just like me. I was diagnosed about three years ago after my daughter. I am currently taking Ritalin sustained release - 40 milligrams per day. I was fortunate in that I had a REAL evaluation, both mental and physical. The medicine has greatly improved concentration and overall quality of life. It is very important that your husband has regular visits with a doctor; in my opinion, a psychiatrist. In addition to medication, there are behavior modification techniques you can use. It is also very important YOU are involved with his treatment. My mood swings are still there, especially when the meds wear off. My life as well as my family's life has changed for the better. When your husband has an "outburst", he will be better able to control his anger if he understands why it happens. I have come to realize it can be controlled if I will "take a time out", get away to myself, and not say anything to anyone. You will want to talk to him when his anger manifests itself, but I would suggest you don't. He will come around. The meds and behavior therapy won't make the mood swings go away, but it will help everyone deal with it better.

I hope through my rambling, you get something that will help you. I'm fortunate my wife is understanding and somehow has put up with me for fifteen years. Good luck to you and your husband. If he tries, he will succeed.

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