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My son age 9 was just diagnosed with ADD. He was prescribed by a child psychiatrist Adderall XR. He complained that his heart felt heavy in his chest the 1st day or 2. Then all was great~ grades were better (from a 1.5 to a 2.3), handwriting, attention, note taking and etc. Until he lost 10 lbs and wasnt eating or sleeping!! He's a bean pole as it is. We were told to lower doses and still no improvement, then even lowered more on the weekends-still not helping him.
We followed up with our pediatrician the meds, she says do not give him more Adderall because of the problems he was having. She started him on Strattera, he was eating and sleeping anyways but thats it-he was only on it 2 1/2 weeks. His school improvements were not as well as they were like attention, stress and impulsivity. They changed him to Concerta yesterday- he was totally wigging out! He didnt feel good in the day and complained of stomach and headache. He was grinding his front teeth side to side and talked with moving his jaw all around! It scared me. I called the teacher to see how he was in the day-she was already gone. I called the Dr and spoke with her nurse (who also has an ADD child on RX-so I trusted her). She says that can be normal 2days to 2 weeks. It was okay to continue--so, I gave him one this morning (18mg) and instantly complained of stomach pain, I had to almost force-feed him, he was thirsty and was really upset and aggitated. I went to go get him a Rolaid for his stomach and when I came to him, he was throwing up everything!! I just hate this, I dont know what to do- Im sure he hates it just the same! He never fought me on the med's until this morning- he doesnt like it. I called the Dr on call this weekend and told her everything, she says never ever take that advice from a nurse, only a Dr when there is a medication problem. I trusted her, I didnt know what to do--I wanted to observe him on the weekend to see how he did, thats why they gave it to us at the end of the week. So, now I will be calling the Dr Mon a.m. to see what to do. The Adderall was great, but the not sleeping and eating wasnt good.

Any advise??? I feel like Im the only one going through this among my friends and school Moms I know. I have another friend who started her son on a med and that was the one for him!! I wish my dreams will come true........

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