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I have stopped taking my adderall for a week now and other than feeling tired and like my brain is in a fog I feel ok. I wanted to stop taking adderall every day because that just was not working out for me. I posted before about all that if u look at them you will get the story. Anyways I get my refill next monday(well my doc writes out 2 scripts at a times) and I am gonna try just using it as needed to keep it effective and my tolerance and side effects lower. I get 60 20mg ir tabs per month. My daily dosage was 20mg 2x daily. My doctor and I decided I might not need a full 40mg I might need less some days. My idea sane rio would be to just use no more than 3 days a week max. But I am afraid I will have a hard time stopping and end up taking it everyday again just to avoid having a slow day. I do admit that I can be impulsive and the adderall helped that a ton. I stopped gambling, smoking and other stuff when I started on it. But I am afraid of taking it too long and end up taking more than I should because I feel it stops working as well as it did. At one point I felt the urge to keep taking more and more and it scared me. I don't feel that way until about 10 days of continues usage. I do have an addictive personality and take subutex daily for opiate addiction. The adderall is prescribed be my pcp who knows about my past drug abuse and uses it to treat add and the side effects of the subutex which cause me to fall asleep while driving and other dangerous times. I'm just having a hard time balancing this med with my needs and its become a all consuming quest to figure out how to best use it without losing the positive effect and not abusing it. I have thought about giving the pills to my gf to dispense as needed but she can't really handle that and I would end up just getting them back if I really wanted anyways. What do u think? Can this med be used just as needed once and a while or am I just kidding myself and gonna end up right back at square one every month? I don't wanna end up a hard core amphetamine addict when all is said and done. But I do feel I benefit from using adderall for the first couple of weeks then boom it stops working.

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