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I have been taking concerta for about a year, metadate before that. Recently, I switched to Vyvanse from Concerta, as I developed Takiphylanxes (sudden tolerance to the medication), and my doctor thought it best to switch me to a dextroamphetamine based drug to "reset my neurons". He switched me from 54mg of Concerta (which was simply not working at all) to 50 mg of Vyvanse. The Vyvanse seems to be working better than the concerta (I have been taking it for a week now), although not as well as I would like (motivation is great, focus - almost worse).

However, my biggest problem is with the duration - it seems to wear off rather quicky ( I take it at 7:30am, and I can "feel" it wearing off at about 3). I am in graduate school, and I have at least 4-5 hours of homework a night after I get home around 5. Unfortunately, taking it later is not an option, as I have a very important seminar at 8am. I am calling my doctor in a week (he said to give it two weeks), and I am wondering if I should ask him to bump up me to 60mg? I am hesitant to do this because the side effects are already pretty intolerable (I get sudden dizzyness, and my appetite is basically gone) Also, I have read several posts with people who mention their doctor prescribing a small IR adderall booster to take in the evening? Anyone have experience with this?

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