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[QUOTE=VCUTomBomb;4676159]Vy is usually good for duration (motivation) but not the intensity (focus). The effects wearing off early is just the nature of the game (which I'm sure you know), I've heard of a few docs having P's take a low dose IR addy (5-15mg) in the evening but definitely don't take another Vy. Have you tried simple stims-caffeine, energy drink, 5-hour shots???[/QUOTE]

Yes - but it does not help with my main problem, which is not energy - but focus. Caffeine gives me [I]energy[/I] if I am tired, but that is rarely the issue for me, I tend to get good sleep and I am usually not lethargic (excluding lately). Concerta did not affect the amount of energy I had, so much as it gave me a greater ability to comprehend and remember what I was reading. It calmed my thought processes when I was trying to organize concepts in my mind, which is quite an issue for me. Unfortunately, Concerta or any other Methyphenidate is no longer an option for me without serious side effects becoming an issue, at least for a long while.

Vyvanse does not seem to be a viable option for me either, today was worse! It was 12:00pm when I felt it wearing off, and I took it at 8am, not to mention that I have no ability to focus whatsoever! My lectures began sounding like Charlie Brown's parents towards the end of the day, and I had huge issues with stringing words together. That is just not good for me at all. I dont know what to do. I would like to try Adderall XR, but my doctor has not brought it up to me as an option.....I would like to eventually go back to methyphenidate when tolerance is no longer an issue, but I need something to work for me in the mean time....This is incredibly distressing, I am at a loss for what to do, I am having enormous trouble with the simplest taks, and unfortunately, being in grad school I do not have the option to "wait it out" as I have heard some say, I need something to work ASAP. :confused:

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