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unfortunetly I don't have any answers for you, I can only tell you what we have tried and dismissed.

My son has been on ritalin, then adderall, then adderall XR, and after a very bad repsonse to the XR we pulled the plug on the meds. Since then, we have put him on Gingko biloba (we try to get in 3-4 a day), and Omega-3 fish oil(1000 mg./day). Also we just had his vivion tested w/a behavioral optometrist. He was found to have an eye disorder (convergence excess) that may have been ALOT of the problem all along. He starts his treatments (therapy) tomorrow.

I, like you will not go the meds route any more. I am not against them if it works for a child. But we never had success. We never had good grades, we never seen his self esteem go up. It was always the opposite. He is back to the child I knew a long time ago. We have out moments, but we are trying to cope in different ways. I MAKE him write everything down!!

I don't know your answer...I have learned so much form this site, these wonderful people on here, and Have done a tremendous amount of research for anything that might help. I wish you good luck...what a terrible place to be in for your daughter, and it is so tough watching them go thru so much and feeling so lost as how best to help them. I feel alot has to do with hormones also. Sure changes a lot of things. My son's ADD is actually better than ever before since we are in the middle of puberty. Again, life is not bliss, we have our times, but I would rather have these times than the zombie, sickly, weak, crying, child he was.

Keep looking for an answer. Try an ND. I have heard some good things about them, but carefully check their license and ALWAYS check to make sure you know the side effects of any "natural" help.

Hope some of this helps?? Good Luck :)


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