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My son is 16 and a bit older than most of your children. One difference in age is simply that the hyperactivity has gone "underground", it manifests itself in activities like incessantly clicking a pen. My point is that it is more difficult to identify changes in behavior, since the behaviors are not so "in your face". My son started on Strattera 3 weeks ago, having stopped a 250mg dose of concerta (yes, 250mg - a very high dose - another story whose premise is that most children don't receive an "effective" dose of meds - may be true but I became uncomfortable on such a dose). The first week was uneventful, a bit tired. The second week he was exhausted - came home and slept before dinner for 2-3 hours, went to bed early. By the end of the second week he developed strep throat. Was I shocked, my son has never, ever, missed one day of school due to illness, he doesn't get colds or flu; he just doesn't get sick. We are on week 4, and things are definately looking up. He's actually performing responsible tasks (cleaning his room, doing his laundry, performing chores without being told over and over again to get it done). I very big change that no amount of ritalin, ritalin sr, ritalin la, metadate or concerta could facilitate. PS. He is 6'3" and weighs 215lbs (97kg). He's taking 120mg of strattera, the high end of the dosing scale.


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