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I give up - I think I need to seriously consider being evaluated for ADD. Semi-rant semi-asking for advice here... I'm sure this forum gets a lot of newbies trying to self-diagnosis or get an e-diagnosis, which is not what I'm trying to do.

It's been the family joke for a while. Growing up I was the stereotypical girl with ADD who daydreams and always looks like she's on another planet. I didn't attend public school until 7th grade, and any lack of attention was attributed to that (as for any lack of a diagnosis). I do remember being restless and distracted in class, but I just figured... it's school what else would I be doing? Plus, there were times at home or school when I had no trouble focusing (which I've discovered is not uncommon for kids with ADD/ADHD).

Then along came high school. Then college. That's around when the teasing began as my parents and their siblings swapped stories from when their kids were little. I'd have days of distractibility and trouble focusing but never thought much of it. Then I started finding out more and more about ADD and that about half of my family members have ADD or ADHD or were suspected as having it as kids but were never diagnosed.

I started questioning (and my sister insists that I am ADD) a few years ago. I can't even sit down and read and enjoy a book because I don't have the attention span for anymore then a few pages (I used to love books). I would often get distracted and daydream but other times I wouldn't have any issues focusing. Often if I space out in class or meetings or elsewhere I'm good about spacing out so it looks like I'm looking at the speaker, but in reality I'm on another planet.

And flash forward to the past 3 weeks. It took me 3 hours to complete a chunk of reading and 2-3 page reflection assignment (grad school). Normally that should take me no more then 20-30 minutes. Even then, I couldn't focus or put my thoughts on paper. I jumped around from doing one thing to the next or just getting stuck wandering around forgetting what I was doing. That's how it's been with EVERYTHING. Even getting ready in the morning or cooking dinner or exercising or getting ready for bed, etc has taken at least twice as long as it normally would. Predictably, I think I've flunked any homework assignments over the past couple weeks and I think people think I'm nuts.

If I do in fact have ADD, I must have coped fairly well with it. But the past few weeks - something is going on and it's too much. I haven't been able to get anything productive done and if I don't get my act together, everything is going to suffer for it. Readings (and homework) for classes have gotten to be absolutely torturous. Sitting in class or on the metro I feel like I have a gazillion wasps in my brain and I end up going from spacing out to fidgeting to spacing out again. Oh are people giving me strange looks? That's because I'm fidgeting and making faces without fully realizing it. Gah.

Is it possible to have a mild-moderate case of ADD that is occasionally made worse by who-knows-what? Or adult onset ADD? Something else entirely?

Suggestions? Comments?

I don't even know what it takes to be evaluated if I do go down that route. Who do I see about that? Is it expensive? How do they evaluate you?

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