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Yikes! Sounds pretty scary. Your son just may not be able to tolerate the stimulant meds. We have recently switched our son from concerta to strattera because he hasn't gained any weight in the past year and he also has tourettes disorder and the stimulants make the tics worse. We have been on the strattera for 4 weeks now with a recent dose increase at the end of last week. Just when I thought I was ready to throw in the towel on this one things seem to be looking up. I gained and different perspective looking at the effects of the strattera with some help from my sister and a friend. Up to this point I had been judging my son and how he was on this med. compared to the concerta, but have just realized what I need to do is look at my son from the perspective of him just being and 8 year old boy and how this med is helping him to be just that. He does not need to be perfectly focused or perfectly calm he just needs to be able to function as any other boy his age functions! Wow! What a breakthrough for me. So I am due to talk to his teacher at the end of the week and we have an appt. with his psychologist also at the end of the week and I'm going to ask them to also look at it from this perspective and not compared to how he was on the concerta. And we'll go from there. You may want to try another non-stimulant medication such as wellbutrin (I have not personally tried this but other people have said it helps with moods and attention problems, or the strattera ( the draw back to this one is sleepiness in the beginning and it takes a while to build up to see any effects.) I hope this helps you, one of the things that we did notice with my son on the stimulant meds. is he had any underlying anger in him and focused toward himself. We are not seeing that in him now. Something to think about. Good luck.

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