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Hi all - Just wondering if I am the only mother who has a 10 yr old 70# son taking 54mg Concerta and 40 mg of strattera a day? I posted a question a while back and have received NO feedback? Is there anyone out there in this ballgame w/me?

My son is almost 11 and taking the above meds. He has been on medication for ADHD since he was 3. Getting him off the adderall xr 30mg was the best thing we ever did for him. The child was out of control and raging mad over the smallest thing that anyone did to aggravate him. It's not very hard to aggravate a 10 year old ADHD boy. He just started 40mg Strattera on Sunday and started at 25 mg last Wednesday. I've seen some differences in him, nothing negative. He seems to cry when he gets upset now rather than beat someone or himself up. He just cries it all out and seems to be okay after that. I'd rather him cry w/angry then lash out. I'm hoping someone out there is in a similar situation. Although every child is different, I'd like to at least compare side effects that can be compared. He got passed the sleepy phase in 2 days. He is eating very well, and seems to be a little more at ease with himself and others. He played basketball for an hour yesterday eve w/out fighting w/his brother. (This is a first in almost 5 months!)I told him I was proud of that behavior, I don't care if it didn't last but one hour, that's more than I've gotten out of him lately.

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