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This is for my boyfriend who has been on ADHD medication since he was about 5. So far he has only tried two different medications Ritalin, and Adderall. He was put on Ritalin first, and he stayed on it for about 2 years before being switched to Adderall due to side effects. With the Ritalin all he really did was sit there spaced out and stare at things, he also absolutely hated how it made him feel. Currently he is on a 40mg dosage of [U]generic[/U] Adderall that he takes when he has work. Its probably worth noting that he is 19, 5'11, and 198lbs. As I said he only takes the adderall to focus at work because he hates what it does to him.
[B]His adderall symptoms are:[/B]
- feeling jittery
- constantly snapping his neck (this like a "tic" it hurts him a lot to do it but if he doesn't he feel an increased urge to do so until it drives him nuts and he does it)
- never feeling hungry
- inability to sleep
- irrational moodiness/irritability (sometimes, when it happens he doesn't understand why he feels this way)
- uncontrollable anxiousness and urge to do something productive (when this feeling kicks in he will frequently start to do something but then stop midway due to frustration and dissatisfaction, and then switch to doing something else)
- the inability to have an erection (this is an occasional thing, sometimes it appears to be caused by not eating so he can eat and it will be fine in say 30 minutes, and other times it is just impossible no matter what he does despite the fact that he really wants to have sex)

That is about all I can think of at the moment, I may post others if we think of them. He really dislikes taking Adderall but it is his only option when he goes to work since he is a security guard and has to stand in place. However, recently he heard from a coworker that her son had the exact same symptoms on Adderall but they subsided when he switched to Vyvance. Has anyone else had any luck with these types of symptoms subsiding on Vyvance or any other type of medication?

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