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Hello, We just took our son off the straterra because it changed his personality so severely.He was rude and defiant,as well as disrespectful to his classmates.He had a meltdown in school the other day so we spoke to the neurologist who was hesitant to put him on 60mg ( he was on 40mg and in the 4th week).He had no attention to task or any concentration.He is now on Concerta 36.He is a different child.He is calmer,a respectful child again(keeping in mind that 10 yr olds still have their moments) I am noticeing that he may be getting his tics back again (lip licking) but I am uncertain.Does anyone know how long it takes for straterra to leave the body as it takes several weeks for it to reach its peak.Thanks for any imput.I am so glad to have him off the straterra.

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