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I heard from my phamacist that Barr had taken over all other companies, in addition to the general shortage. They gave me Barr, though they'd always taken great pride in NOT distributing Barr adderall. I was quite angry, as I usually take Eon/Sandoz generic adderall, 20 mg, and know that many other people in this country agree that barr/teva is worthless or worse. So, I called Eon/Sandoz. The kind/helpful rep said that supplies would be going again w/in the week, and that there were no problems other than many more people being prescribed than before.
S0ph1a, Where do you get your Eon generic adderall from? Do you find that it works better than the brand name adderall (Barr makes the brand name, now, is that right?)? I've heard that Eon is the closest to the old brand formula and am interested in finding it where I live, but I don't know how to go about it.

I had no idea there was a shortage.

Snowdrift, I would definitely go to another pharmacy instead of trying a different medicine. I've taken adderall for over a decade now, and I've gotten it from numerous different pharmacies all over the country (I travel a lot, plus, my husband is military, so I am never in one place for too long!). It's really not a big deal to switch around, I do it all the time!

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