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Well, this is something I wat to discuss with Psych next meeting, but he said anxiety can impair as much as thirty points. Now, I'm not saying it impaired that much, hell--I don't even know what my official score is yet, I could be close to MR. But on block design, he commended me on the first few, but I got stuck on one and I just couldn't conceptualize how to do it, I had significant anxiety during that subtest, as well as the visual one and arithmetic, I foretold of difficulties in two of those areas and he agreed.

As far as what I know now--vocabulary didn't translate to a higher intelligence really. It seemed I gauged my abilities somewhat accurately, well with anxiety included at least. I don't know the full score, like I said, but he told me to "not freak out" which really isn't a good sign. I doubt he'll come back and say I'm "gifted." I'd trade my vocabulary any day for higher mental faculties.

Also, I had an inadequate amount of sleep the night before, I'm not sure how much that plays a role, not to mention my constant depression. Meh, I guess I'm making excuses now.

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