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My 6 year old son has been diagnosed with adHd. He is hyper, impulsive, and slightly unintentive. We started him off on adderall xr 10mg. He developed a vocal tic, and could not eat AT ALL for 3 days. He was depressed and felt sick, but mostly because of the tics we took him off. (He's not a small kid, and previously had been a great, healthy eater). Our dr. put him on guanfacine for the tics.... .25mg 2'xs a day, bringing up the dose every 3 days or so. When we brought it up to .5, he passed out and could not be awakened. This too did not work.

In reading the board, I see all the problems people are having with meds. Our doctor wants to try Straterra, but that scares me too. He also suggested Wellbuterin, but that too is scarey, and my son has no signs of depression.

I guess I need to hear some success stories after doing the med roller coaster. My son's problem at school is really his non stop talking and he can't sit still. He's in all the other kids faces. When we started him at this school, they wanted to skip him a grade because he was so smart. We didn't do it because we felt at the time he wasn't mature enough to skip. His immaturity turned out to be ADHD.

He's actually a really happy kid. It made us feel terrible to see him sick on the adderall, but I have to admit he seemed more focused (the teacher saw no change).

I'm just frustrated want to hear something possitive for a change.

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