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I am seeking information on the side effects of Zoloft when used to treat depression, when the patient is also presenting with ADD.

My boyfriend is a 29 year old white male being treated for depression and is currently taking 150mgs of Zoloft once a day. It appears to help in with the regulation of his mood, however, he is unable to focus or concentrate on a conversation or task for any significant period of time.

He recently left a job that he had been using to mask the pain and frustration of a mentally abusive childhood and to avoid personal intimacy. Since leaving however, he has found that he can feel love and gratitude, and safety within a personal, one on one relationship. I have agreed to support him through anything and everything, so, we are looking for the right answers, not the easy ones. I am wondering if the Zoloft may be causing the disruptions in concentration, and the inability to focus. Additionally, we have reduced his stress levels and adjusted his sleeping patterns in order to combat the fatigue at night over not being able to sleep.

I understand that excessive sleep requirements are a symptom of depression, but am also wondering if this might be a side effect of the medication.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

i read your post and like to let you know that my daughter which is 9yrs old and is adhd she is on medadate for 2yrs now but she was on adderall before that she has been taking zoloft 50mg a day for her depression and it helps her contrate with your boyfriend if he can't focus on things you might want to mention that to his doctor or even the pharmaist he might be taking too much of the zoloft if he is having this problem they might want to lower his doseage on the zoloft.

what type of add/adhd medication his he taking because most add.ahdh meds does interup your sleep patterns but it shouldn't have no affet with the zoloft he is taking if you have any question you can im on aim at nessathecrunch1

hope this helps you out

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