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Thanks so much Bob
We have now taken her off the Focalin and have been off for about 10 days now and they have swithced her to Intuniv and I have seen the abnormal behavior DISAPPEAR! That was horrible watching her transform the way she was. What exactly is Dexedrine? I have heard of that before but not aware of what it is exactly. As for the school system wanting or having the programs to help ADD/ADHD children, there is NOTHING! I had been told that the school system was suppose to meet all the needs of the children but ours does not! But, in one more week we are traveling a few hours to a ADHD therapist/counselor that I have heard works magic. I'm not sure what she can say other than meds/sleep/diet, but I am looking forwad to visiting with her. My daughter has gradually gotten better since the med change. Thanks so much for your advice and I can't wait to start changing her diet and seeing how that helps her.
So everyone else here has given the usual advice that I usually start with, about diet, so pretend I already said all that! ;)

My ADD kicked in halfway through, so I didn't notice if anyone mentioned sleep, so I'll start there.... but only briefly, since someone else might have already covered it.... so sleep is extremely important for any child, especially one with ADD. Make sure your daughter is getting a good regular amount of sleep each night. My daughter is in bed by 7:15 each night, and is allowed to read until 7:45, and then it's lights out! She wakes up each morning at 7:00 for school. Any later than 7:45 for bed, and she's extra hyper and hard to keep focused the next day at school. So sleep is a very important weapon in the fighting ADD symptoms arsenal!

Exercise is another great weapon to fight ADD symptoms. 30 minutes 3 times a week is all she needs. More than that is great, obviously, especially if you live in a climate where the weather is nice for outdoor playing. Playing outside in the sunshine is a great way for your child to get plenty of exercise and some good vitamin D, too (just be sure to follow sun safety rules - I have to say that, as my dad passed away from melanoma!).

Alright, that's my standard response for treating a child with ADD.

Your post did raise some red flags, though.

[I]"I get on to her for her actions and explain why it's wrong and her behaviour but I feel horrible because I know its beyond her control."[/I]

Now, reading your post, I do understand that her behaviors were way out of control due to the medication she was on at the time, and maybe that is what you were saying? I just want to reassure you that your child (when not reacting to BAD medications) CAN control her behavior without taking medicine.... she just might have to work a little harder at it than a child without ADD. I'm not saying don't medicate. If that's what works, then that's what works. I'm just saying a child with ADD and misbehaves needs discipline just as much as a child who doesn't have ADD and misbehaves. She CAN control herself, so don't ever let her believe differently, or she'll never try.

Again, I know her really bad behavior was due to her medication, and maybe that is what you were referring to, but just in case.... I just see too many people make that mistake with their ADD kids. Good luck! :)

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