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RE your question: [I]Is this typical behaviour of a med that doesnt work? ODD? Severe ADHD?[/I]

Absolutely. I'm no doctor, nevertheless, I'll tell you with 100% certainty, Foculin is the problem.

Cause and effect:

[I]We then tried Focalin this past has been the hardest month of my life! She has become a totally different child! She is sooo defiant, mouthy, physical with me and others around us, hyper, makes weird noises and growling noises allll the time, loud, LYING, grades dropped, hateful, angry, sad and did I mention defiant?[/I]

All of her aggressive, out-of-control behaviors are being caused by Foculin. At the ball game [I]she became defiant, loud, aggressive, rolled in the mud, hit us with rocks, embarrassed us completely ... where normally she would be shy and quiet and sweet. [/I]

Your daughter's character is shy, quiet and sweet. Her [I]defiant, lying, loud, "makes weird noises and growling noises allll the time," [/I](a good layperson description of Tourette Syndrome) are out-of-character, came AFTER she started Foculin. And her symptom cluster is medically recognized as a bad reaction to a stimulant medication.

Your daughter does NOT have any other underlying problems except for those Foculin induced; ODD, Tourettes, and badly exascerbated ADHD. They should resolve themselves once Foculin is out of her system.

I advocate medication when medication is a necessary part of the overall strategy used to control ADHD symptoms. Certainly good diet, exercise and sufficient sleep must be in place first. Then, if necessary, medication may be added to the mix.

Intuniv just may work for your daughter. If Intuniv fails to sufficiently control her ADHD symptoms, adding Dexedrine may help. Nevertheless, more will be needed even with the best ADHD medications for your daughter.

Does her school offer services for ADHD kids? We do not learn step by step - sequentially - and repetition totally whacks us completely bonkers.

Give us a visually oriented, first the big picture through observation, then the details, system of education and we are quite capable of scholastically surpassing our peers that do not have ADHD.

Diet, exercise, sleep are given the attention they deserve. Too little attention is given to the perhaps more important modifications to the environment to one where we work well. Most school systems are negligent in what they offer for their ADHD students - a problem very difficult to overcome if private tutors are not a viable option.

Thanks so much Bob
We have now taken her off the Focalin and have been off for about 10 days now and they have swithced her to Intuniv and I have seen the abnormal behavior DISAPPEAR! That was horrible watching her transform the way she was. What exactly is Dexedrine? I have heard of that before but not aware of what it is exactly. As for the school system wanting or having the programs to help ADD/ADHD children, there is NOTHING! I had been told that the school system was suppose to meet all the needs of the children but ours does not! But, in one more week we are traveling a few hours to a ADHD therapist/counselor that I have heard works magic. I'm not sure what she can say other than meds/sleep/diet, but I am looking forwad to visiting with her. My daughter has gradually gotten better since the med change. Thanks so much for your advice and I can't wait to start changing her diet and seeing how that helps her.

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