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[QUOTE=busyMomma;4714842]Wow, Thank you both so much. I had no idea that it was such a big deal to try a different dose. Won't do that again, will just deal with the 10 mg twice a day until meeting with a dr again.

No pounding heart, no trouble sleeping, no anxiety, just felt very tired. My husband jokes that it is because my brain hasn't relaxed in years.

As far as the Pozac, I know that I would have to slowly cut back and not just stop. I just wonder if the anger issues havemore to do with the ADD.

My biggest issue???? Let's see, I can't have a conversation without trying to talk over the person I am talking to, I jump around all day every day doing little bits of something that amount to nothing, I turn around and forget what I was just thinking, I walk around looking for stuff that is in my hands, I go to the store for something speciffic and then I get home with 40 things and forgot the one thing I went for. I over organize everything; each file has a sub-file in hopes that I will remember where it is, or find it easier. (never happens) I could go on and on. My point is that I am well aware that my whole life needs a "make-over" and that only I can make that happen. For me the adderall and prozac are more like aids that help that to happen for me. I have NEVER watched a movie and not drifted off into some fantasy land before now, I went to the store for the first time in years and remembered EVERY thing I went for. Believe me, I have been thinking about changes for years, think about it, forget it, thinking about fifty other things before I know it. Those medicines give me the extra help to focus on what I need to do, what I've wanted to do and what I am doing.[/QUOTE]
Hi. I read your description of yourself and you describe ME to a tee! I just want to WARN everyone about Adderall BEFORE you end up as I have. I started out with Ritalin at age 42. It was a miracle drug. I went back to school and earned certificates and Diplomas, I was motivated, energetic and full of life. I am now 55 and I have built up such a TOLERANCE to ADHD medications, that I am worse off than ever!! I take Adderall 90mg daily and it hardly does a thing. I can't bring my tolerance down because if I skip one single day, I get so depressed and lethargic that I stay in bed and wish I had never been born. I feel addicted and stuck. Please, anyone reading this, make sure to take regular "Holidays" and time off from stimulants from the very beginning. If you take high doses too early on and never take days off, you will eventually be in my situation where stimulants barely keep your head above water, and your days of high energy and relief from ADHD symptons will disappear. I don't know what to do. I just stay in bed month after month and my body has gotten too weak to exercise or clean house., and feel my Life is finished. If I reduce my dosage or stop, unbearreable Depression starts. I'm afraid to tell my Doc for fear he will take the Adderral away. (which would be very stupid on his part) If anyone has an answer, please speak up. I have alot of knowlege about stimulants now, but it seems to be too late. I guess this is what they call Addiction...and it was never explained to me that this could happen. I just don't think there's a way out of this one. So everybody...take it slow so you can prevent this awful situation OF....TOLERANCE. Wish you good fortune. Kaywood

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