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Apr 19, 2003
I won't go into everything that has been going on with my almost 16 yr. old son as it would tak you about a week to read all of it. I will try to condense it.

At age 5 he was held back at the schools recomendation to a class called "perfirst". It went over what was taught in kindergarten the 1st half, and the 2nd half they introduced things that will be taught in 1st grade. He did okay, not great. First grade also went okay, not great. By the end of 1st grade, he was diagnosed with a lazy eye and wore the patch for 8 weeks, and all the while this was going on, they decided to test him for ADD. The school system we were in at the time was noted for having "clowns" for the testing, so we did our own at our expense. He was diagnosed with ADD and mild LD. What a blow!!!

We were told that meds. were our only hope to his bright future. So as naive as we were we listened. We were told that he would excell with them. To start with in over 8 years, three different meds. later, different dosages later, we pulled all them and started to check different avenues. Please believe me that I do believe in ADD/ADHD, but after what we recently found out I also believe my son has been misdiagnosed and so do many of his teachers.

We were litterally watching our son die on his latest meds. and it was hurting him and us SO much :(

He doesn't seem to have his depression any longer, he is gaining his weight back again, and best of all he is proud for the first time of his grades. He is passing all subjects, and is passing them with c's & b's. I did ALOT of ressearch on the interenet for ANYTHING that would help him. I came up with this:

1-1000 mg. fish oil in the morning
1-ginko biloba 3x/day
within 3 weeks we noticed better concentration, better test grades, and a better attitude. His teachers all contacted me to mention this to me.

The last thing we did was to take him to a behavioral optometrist. She did a vision test along with a computerized test that sees how his eyes read material. His eyes read at a 3rd grade level. He sees double sometimes, and has periods of blurred vision. He also has been in "vision therapy" for the last 4 weeks. He is doing GREAT in school. He actuallly passed a mid term exam with a high B. This kid of mine is so darn proud. I feel as a parent I failed him all these years. I wish we could go back, and give him those years back to be a kid that just needed the right kind of help. I honestly believe that the last 3 years in school being the hardest will actually be his easiest.

I guess I am just saying that if a child doesn't do well and the meds. aren't giving you the results you feel you should be getting, then look for anyhting that will help him/her. The therapist feels he was possibly misdiagnosed with the ADD, and Positively misdiagnosed with LD. I am not convinced about the ADD, as he is forgetful, he is very disorganized, and is always a son that "does first-think later". I am convinced that he is not LD at all.

I am preaching now, but I never thought there was a way to give him a good life without the meds. and now I will never give them to him again. That's my son's story. It is a very hard road we all go down. It is hardest for them, but hang in there. Keep looking for answers, and try to help them hold their heads up. Give them a big hug and tell them you love them. Good luck :)


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