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Apr 19, 2003
Gail, Kids with ADD/ADHD are usually smarter than the average kid. They are extremely creative. I have a list somewhere of famous people who had ADD, but just to give you an idea, Einstein was believed to have ADD. My son can watch a movie and recite it almost word for word. He could look at his spelling words 1x and spell every word, but writing the words is difficult. His handwriting is like a 5 yr. old, but he can write a story that would put some of my college students to shame. His room and his backpack are the black hole, but he can take a computer apart, clean every piece of it and put it back together again - just can't remember to hand in his homework and when he does remember (usually with the teacher's help), he can't find it. ADD kids often suffer from low self-esteem because there are so many people who refuse to believe that it is a REAL illness with REAL consequences. Most ADD kids will say they are lazy or dumb. Not until recently has my son even wanted to admit that he had a learning disability. Can your son stay on task? I can give Brandon a chore to do, but literally have to remind him 5 or 6 times to get him to actually finish the task. I have tried every method available and nothing seems to help. He was placed on concerta and for about 6 months I thought it was the miracle drug, but was warned that the drugs don't usually have long-lasting affects on kids who have ADD. There are some herbs that are supposed to be good and I've also heard that certain minerals and vitamins can help, but would like to hear from someone who has tried these - not just the mfg. hype. Playing video games non-stop can be a sign of ADD, but all my son's friends play video games non-stop and they do not have ADD/ADHD. He loves the computer and anything electronic. Our therapist said this IS common for kids with ADD and actually good for them as it encourages problem solving. He gets along really well with college students - better than with kids his own age because he is so smart. I would suggest that you read some books or articles on ADD - also, you can talk with your physician, but they are much less likely to diagnose ADD than they are ADHD. There are many other symptoms: bed-wetting that lasts years (my son just stopped wetting the bed at age 12 1/2), difficulty sleeping through the night, frustration and fussiness as an infant and toddler, high fevers with no other signs of illness - these are just a few of the symptoms that help makeup a profile of ADD. I hope this information helps.

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