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I am a 37-year old male who has been diagnosed for about a year with adult ADHD. Funny, it took a friend to mention it too me, and then me doing my own research to find out that I was consistently scoring in the high 90-percent on ADHD tests. Since then, my shrink has verified this self-diagnosis and put me on 100 mg Wellbutrin, and 60 mg Strattera per day. I should mention, that I have the tendency to binge drink, and have taken other illicit drugs including marijuana, cocaine, pain pills and the like. I donít miss any of these substances when I donít have them around, even the alcohol. The problem is I will take these substances to excess when I am ďself medicatingĒ.

My doctor wonít put me on any Class I medications. The combination Iím on right now worked well at first, but now is on and off with its effectiveness. I get much more satisfaction with illicit drugs, but I have caught myself spiraling down a few times, so I know the danger they exhibit. I donít like some of the side effects of the Strattera, mainly urinary, ejaculation. Iíve also by accident double dosed and for about 5 minutes thought I was going to die. I was sweating profusely, having difficulty breathing, basically though I was going to die. Iíve only felt like that once before on a 3-day binge of cocaine.

What other options are there for me? I need something that is consistent, and strong enough to keep me focused and motivated. I donít want to stop the meds Iím taking right now, but I think I have to because of the side effects. I truly think that I could be monitored taking a prescription Class I medication. Help!

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