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I was diagnosed four years ago with ADD and started on Ritalin. I was amazed at the benefits of this medication. For the first time in my life I was able to stay on task and constant boredom wasn't a major problem. After about 18 months, I noticed that I was developing a bit of agitation so I went to my Doctor and asked him if it might be necessary to increase the dosage since I'd been at a dosage that was the same as my 12 year old son for the last 18 months.
My doctor stated he didn't believe in treating adults with ADD with Ritalin so he moved me to Wellbutrin SR. The effect was similar however, it was accompanied with signficant sleep disturbances and sexual disfunction.

I've been on Wellbutrin for a couple of years and my ability to concentrate has declined steadily, my sleep disturbances have increased steadily and my sexual disfunction increased steadily.

Is there any reason why an adult should NOT be on Ritalin? I had no sleep, concentration or sexual disfunction issues when I took it, it just seemed to start losing it's effectiveness and a mild agitation was setting in.

Any feedback would be appreciated?

I'd like to find a Doctor in the Dallas, TX area who doesn't rule out using Ritalin for adults. I think it's silly that this Doctor doesn't consider it a viable treatment when it worked so well for me.

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