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My son is currently 15 1/2 years old. He was diagnosed with ADD and learning disabilities at age 6-7. He was very immature at that time so we held him back between kindergarten and 1st grade. They at the time had what was called "pre-first". It seemed to help a teeny weeny bit. He has struggled thru school all his life, and probably always will.

We started him on ritalin at first. He di only "okay". We didn't see drastic inprovements. We did increase the dose a little, and again seen a teeny weeny bit of progress.

We had him retested to make sure that we were still dealing with all of the same stuff. We were! I do understand about the falling behind. I would cringe everytime he got sick because it just meant he was even farther behind. The teachers he had (most of them) were wonderful. They were very willing to work with us and him. A couple of questions.. does he have an IEP set up? If not GET ONE!!! That allows for so much control on your part for him. I have had to fight this battle for a long time now. Untill this year (freshman) it wasn't too bad. High School has been a whole new battle. One that is actually taking a toll on my health. Some teachers have been wonderful, some have fought me, his meds. aren't working any more, need to try yet another one.

I guess what I am trying to express is that step up and be heard for him at the school. He should be entitled to reduced homework, unlimited time for test, an inclusion teacher, if the school offers it reduced class settings in certan subjects. I am sure there is more that I just can't think of right now, but be heard!!!!

I am tired of this fight, frustrated, upset, worried, concerned, BUT my son can't speak up for himself, he knows he is different, and his self esteem is very low, he is immature yet, and that is where I have to stand up to the plate no matter how I am feeling. It is a long hard road that each one of us has to face. I would do anything for him, and so I go on. I know where you are coming from, I can only say talk with the school, teachers. If need be set a meeting up with his teachers, couselors, principal and TELL them you want to know what they will do to help you and your son! You don't have to be mean, but you may have to be very assertive.

Good luck to you and your son, hang in there.

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