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My son was recently diagnosed with ADD. I look at this health board almost every day to find other success stories with Strattera. Iíve gone through the exact experience that you have gone through. At school, my son was unorganized and unfocused. He tried as hard as he could but he couldnít concentrate long enough to keep up with the other kids. We sat for hours at night trying to catch up on the class work. I was in partly in denial and was completely against medication. We struggled for 1 Ĺ years. My sonís self-esteem was being crushed. He had to sit out of recess because he didnít complete his work. I was crushed when he said he thought he was stupid. I could tell that he had very few friends at school. Our life was very stressful. I hated when the telephone rang because I was scared it was the school. He never seemed to paying attention when he played sports Ė I felt so sorry for him. My son started taking Strattera about 3 months ago. We saw a dramatic change from the very beginning. We have only had a few less than perfect days because we were slow to put him on his target dose. He completes his school work along with the other kids. He has more friends at school and enjoys playing sports. He is an extremely bright and happy kid that truly loves life Ė he seems to be loving life again. It does seem too good to be true. I am glad to hear another success story with Strattera. I wish you the best.

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