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I'm a 21 year old female, 115 lbs.
I take 75 mg/day Zoloft for anxiety/other stuff

I recently tried to switch from Adderall to Strattera. The directions were to take 40 mg for 4 days, then go up to 80.
The problem? I would take it in the morning, and feel nauseous and sick. One day I vomited. Another day, it kicked in while I was in class, and I had to keep getting up and going to the bathroom. I felt nauseous and couldn't keep my eyes open.
This had the effect that-- since I was sick, I got scared and didn't take it the next day. I would wait a couple days and try it again. Obviously, this is kind of dumb, since it can't build up in your system.

So I called my doctor, and was advised to take it before bed so I wouldn't get sick. So I took it before bed. Normally, I am a light sleeper and wake up multiple times during the night. This is fine-- i never have a problem falling asleep again pretty much immediately, nd it happens every night. but on Strattera, I wake up LITERALLY about every 20 minutes, feeling fully awake, and the times I'm not awake, I have crazy, wild, vivid dreams. (more vivid than the ones i had when i first started zoloft)

I wanted to see if it would wear off, but I couldn't deal with the non-sleep and stopped after three nights.

So-- will this ever wear off? I can't deal with the tossing and turning and I don't want to not be able to sleep by taking it at night. But I don't want to get sick either, which happens when i take it during the day.

It seems like no one else is having this problem-- in fact, most people's children are sleeping TOO much. I never had problems like this on Adderall. But my heart rate was sometimes erratic, and it scared me. I'd rather be on Strattera than Adderall.

I know most people say the effects wear off. but this is worse than just being sleepy. It's harder to adopt a "wait-and-see" attitude when I either feel nauseous or wake up every 20 minutes.
Can anyone offer advice?

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