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[quote]Originally posted by KIDINSANITY:
[b]Hi...I'm really glad the Strattera/Concerta combo is wowrking for you. For some reason, my son's dr. won't allow him to do the combo. Not sure if it's because he's only 44lbs and he feels it's too much medication for his little body or what. Right now, he's back on COncerta, after taking Strattera. However, after reading some of the other posts, I'm not sure if we gave the Strattera a long enough try. It seems that it didn't really start working well until after 2 months or so. I think he was only on it for about 5-6 weeks and showed no positive effects other than sleeping and eating a little better.[/b][/quote]

Hi Kidinsanity and CMMG: :wave:

Things are still going well w/Concerta and Strattera. The side affects have all seemed to disappear and we are still struggling over the use of the telephone w/his new girlfriend. It is so nice to be able to have a relationship w/my son now. We've missed out for so long. We are in the middle of EOG testing and I hope he does well. WE are almost at 2 months on Strattera. I wanted to give up about week 5 but I'm thankful that we waited it out.
Kidinsanity - The weight 44lbs of your son may have something to do with the doc not letting your child try both meds. Trevelyan weighs 70lbs and doesn't eat at all during the day. He usually eats real good in the evenings though so I don't worry alot about his weight. We are watching it though. Good luck to both of you and keep me posted.

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