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RhondaBradshaw: Our 13 year-old daughter has been on 50mg Strattera for more than 8 weeks and she did complain of headaches early on which caused us to consider stopping the Strattera but we didn't because initially the Dr thought it may be sinus headache (which turned out not to be true after several tests). After week 4 or 5 she stopped complaining and now she is doing fine while still on Strattera. After 8 weeks we are very happy with Strattera. There is no doubt in my mind that it has calmed her down remarkably and has helped her "slow down" with great impact on her impulsivity and ability to deal with frustrations. The Strattera on the other hand does not seem to be helping out as far as "concentration" and "focus" (ie schoolwork). She has high IQ and when she was on Concerta it was the REVERSE issues: the Concerta was helping focus but she was still impulsive , operating at a "high CPU speed" and had a volatile mood particularly in the evenings. We are eager to hear from others, however, about the idea of putting her on both Concerta in addition to the Strattera with the hope that the Strattera would help with impulsiveness and frustration management, while Concerta helps with focus. The final thing I would love to hear from others is that Strattera seems to have robbed her of a bit of her "spunky" and creative personality. She had a great sense of humor, with a quick mind and a funny comeback. Now with the Strattera, the slow-down in pace seems to have also flattened her personality and she senses that, which makes her a bit unhappy (in our mind it's a small price to pay compared to the troubles she got herself into at home and school before Strattera). PLEASE let me know how the Strattera/Concerta combination is working for you. Many thanks. TTrem

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