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Hi Rhonda and thanks for replying so quickly!

i am interested in hearing about your son and his personality before meds etc.

I actually have two boys with ADHD but the younger one who is 7 is the issue right now. My older son takes Ritalin and it works for him and for us.

The 7 year old has been taking Concerta for l year. Prior to medication he was not learning adequately in school, ws sent to the principal's office repeated for being out of control and was a generally frustrated child. The poor guy told us that his brain told him to do bad things. We had him thoroughly tested by a Psychologist and opted to put him on Concerta after his ADHD diagnosis. He also has ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). The Concerta has been a godsend as he has dramatically improved his behavior and learning at school. He's also much more agreeable when on the meds. The problem is that we give it to him early in the a.m. like you so it ends up wearing off before dinner or any evening activities which make things much more stressful at home. We can't give it to him later because he already can't get to sleep at night. As a result, I was hoping the new med - Strattera might work. I will give it to him at night for a few weeks and then try it without the concerta or a lower dose of concerta and see how it works out. I definitely don't want to just drop the Concerta cold turkey without getting the Strattera into his system. From what I have read on this board, many parents haven't been too thrilled with the Strattera. It sounds like it's more of an antidepressant type drug.

I am wondering whether your son had trouble sleeping when he was just taking the Concerta. Also, does the Strattera help him sleep? My pediatrician said some Docs prescribe it at night so the kids will sleep as opposed to taking it in the morning.

I really don't like medicating my child but his life has improved so much with the medication and he's happier with himself. Behavior modifiation definitely does not work at this time for him.

I will look forward to hearing your story and thank you again!


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