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Hi DawnP - Trevelyan has been on medicine for ADHD since 3 years old. He was in the finest pre-schools and was expelled because he could not control his temper and did not take well to authority (any type). I was raised by getting a spanking when I acted out. This was not and still is not the resolution for my son. It only drives his anger. I've just recently begin to learn to parent w/positive energy, leaving the negative behind because that only makes his behavior worse. Afer spending thousands in tests, psychiatrists/psychologists and them finding nothing wrong (keep in mind he was 3),our pediatrician said that Trevelyan was prime ADHD. There were NO learing disabilities and he has a very HIGH IQ. They started him on Ritalin, 3x 10mg a day and no med on weekends. It was wonderful during the week, but the weekends were so bad, as parents we could discipline his the whole weekend but it was getting him no where. He was miserable. The doc said to give him the med on the weekend. So we did. This helped all of us tremendously. By the time he was in 2nd grade, he was having trouble in school again and we increased the dosage to 40mg a day. In the beginning of his fourth grade year, he started Concerta 54mg a day because the children picked on him about having to go take medicine every 2 hours. Children can be vicious and his self-esteem was being ruined. This worked well through the 4th grade. November of this year he was having trouble getting homework done, he had a serious lack of motivation (and we tried every reward system there is) but the ability to get along with others was not the issue anymore, it was staying on task and not daydreaming that caused him problems. The doctor suggested that we changed his ADHD med completely stating that he had been on the methalphenadate (sp?) so long that his body may be immuned to it. We changed to Adderrall XR 30mg and Oh' my stars, it was the worst thing I've ever done. He would have rages (to the point where he would bang his head in the wall, or throw things), fought w/his brother (still does), tell lies about anything and literally, he didn't care about life while on this med. He could not vent his frustration in anyway but fury. We went back to the doc March 11th, and the doc put him back on the Concerta 54mg w/Strattera and suggested we get him some counseling. He has been taking the Strattera for 3 1/2 weeks now and had complained about headaches and stomach aches. He's typically not one to complain about anything. He's a pretty healthy child. Everynight this week he has had a headache and his pupils seem slightly dilated when he's complaining. I'm calling the doc today because it's not fair to give him this medicine and him have headaches. I'd rather deal w/his rages than see him in pain. He goes to a psychologist on the 15th and I'm hoping that cousneling along w/a psychiatrist for med mgmt we'll get him on the right track. This has been going on for 8 years now. I'm tired and I know he has to be. I'm ready to have a normal relationship w/my sweetheart. Some of his actions are intentional and he is disciplined for that but somethings...He can't help.
There is our story in a nutshell. I'm re-grouping on this Strattera because I've really not seen a major difference in him. They say to give it 4-6 weeks to see a difference but I'll be damn if I'm going to watch my baby suffer from a headache every evening. Ya know...Anyway - I'll keep you posted and you keep me posted. Take care of U and those you love!

Rhonda :D

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