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I am so glad I found this board today!!! My son is now 10 yrs. old. We was told he had ADHD at age 6. I knew something was wrong before then, tried to get the Drs to listen to me, but didn't get any help until the school *complained*. I have been thru hell and back with my son for the past 4 years. It was hard for me to put him on any meds to start. They had to convince me that he *needed* it. The dr. first tired him on Ritlan, which worked great for 6 weeks, then he got worse. He was then put on Aderal, it worked maybe 2 weeks, then we went to concerta, didnt help at all. His dr. then sent him to a neuroglogist. He started him on Dexidrine. It was horrible!! I didnt give it to him past the 2nd dose.
After this, he tried him on a combination of 2 to 3 types of meds. Mostly stimulants. My son has NEVER been able to sleep at night, and these meds was not helping. I was THIS close to a nervous breakdown. He got to where he was being very verbally cruel, and I got concerned, so he was sent to a child phycologist. He admitted him in the hospital and ran various test on him. His answer was *he has a chemical embalance in his brain* which now I learn is what they tell you when they have no solution for you. They put him on 3 meds, one for his behavior, a stimulant, and one for sleep. Through all this, my son STILL wets the bed at night. He has ruined several beds, we would put bed protectors, he would just pull them off. His behavior has started back up recently, and I tried yet another dr. and he took him off all meds he was on, which included ritlan, and started him on Straterra. He is on his 4th day of the 40mg. The dr. said it would take 5-7 days to notice a difference, to be patient. I have to admit, it may sound nuts, but I didnt have to be patient, he showed improvement the 2nd day! I will not get my hopes up, he starts his higher dosage tommorrow morning. I just hope and pray this is the answer!! I also noticed, he has not wet the bed since day one of this medication. yeaaaaaaaaa no pee smell in the house!!

Just a little something I want to add, maybe it will help some parents who are new to the *ADHD* I have always limited my son and my 11 yr. old daughters intake of sugar and caffine. My daughter has ADD as well. I can't understand why my friend who has *wild* children, allows her children caffine and candy all the time. If a child has ADHD or ADD, your only adding to his hyper activity and stress by adding sugar! Not only that, your adding to your own stress level!

I also wanted to add, between all these meds, starting at the age of 8 my son developed a tic disorder, we have been told it was because of some of the stimulants, on and off, we still see these tics, This new dr. told me this medication would help the tics too. Anyone else experienced a tic disorder associated with ADHD?

OK, I will shush now, just was totally amazed by this board, and wanted to get this all out, its been building up for over 5 yrs. now . Thanks for listening!! Godspeed to you all :)

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