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My son has been on Adderall for several years. We started out with a small dosage and it seems that every so often we have to increase it. It's almost like he grows a tolerance for his meds. He now takes 20mg 3x/day. He is also on other meds for other issues.
Finding the right dosage of medicine is the key. With the stimulants there seems to be a therapuetic window. If the stimulant dosage is to low, lack of effect, to high and the side effects are troublesome. Higher doses of medicine are not always better. Perhaps a lower dose of medicine is better than no medicine at all. I think people need to try and get bye on the lowest dosage of stimulant they can, when you start elevating dosages you are going to start to see more problems, i.e tolerance, dependance,withdrawel, etc. Just my two cents.:) :)

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