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Nightcrawler, okay, you said feedback, and this is what I hear. I read your other posts and you ARE on alot of different meds. You must be trying to get the right combo. (if not you need to quit experimenting and settle up with one combo of like two things.)

I ended up with Ritlan and Paxil which worked for a number of years. I only took the Ritlan sporadically because I did not like the grind of it.
The paxil seemed to calm the social problems that I had at that time, like impulsivity. It was the first time in my life I was stable. Except that I was somewhat lulling and boring. I didn't mind it after 36 years of hell and chaos. This combo was NEVER perfect but my case was manageable with it.

My sister used to say that I think that pills would cure me of things and it doesn't work that way. As an addict, it's true, I am always looking for the magic pill. But as an ADHD I am in alot of pain and would like to just focus and stablize.

I also have a hard time with Doctor's who talk to each other and then base their perceptions upon someone else's perception and worse, those who read that I am an addict and then summarily dismiss everything including helping me function at the basic level.

If I was you I would get a new doctor for a fresh idea. Someone you respect as a person with common sense and someone who is willing to give you what you need without letting you slip over.

It does sound to me like you need to learn to calm yourself and sleep without pills. Unless you are having a high stress zone, then you need to reevaluate your lifestyle and get rid of the things that are too stressful. I did TM (meditation) for a while and visulazation and it did help me alot. I also try to keep myself out of those job that I always loved "Looking for multi-tasker who can handle stress." I now realize that I am NOT a multi-taker and I can NOT handle stress. I just am so used to chaos that it SEEMS appealing. I always took those jobs.

Anyway, not to go on a rambling ADHD binge.... but I see your point on the doctors talking to each other. I would not want that. But on the other hand, you have to figure out what the best combination is for your meds, and drink warm milk before bed, it puts trazadone in your system which is a sleeping aid. :)

I mean, what I am hearing is that you are on Adderall, Strattera, and ?? Also, you said your mood swings were fluctuating. So maybe the reason you are so pissed at the doctor is because of the moodiness and maybe you should try to work out the sleep plan better on your own.

One last thing. Two of my doctors wouldn't give me other things, but would give me trazadone. It's an antidepresant but has sleeping properties.
Genius, let me give you a little feedback to your reply on my post. I wonder what your definition of ALOT of meds are? Yes, its true I'm on Prozac, resperidol, Strattera, and adderall. 4 does not seem like so much, but maybe thats just me. No, I'm not trying to get the right combo anymore, I have found it. According to you, since you are the "genius" and I assume you have your medical degree, I should stop experimenting and settle with a combo of two things... excuse me but who the f*ck are you buddy? I know your're trying to give feedback but uhh I'm sorry no, I'm just not buyin what you are saying.
You took ritalin sporadically? Take heed to your own advice and don't experiment, why don't you? Also, sorry you're an addict, and if your insinuating or thinking that I am, you are wrong. No, this isn't denial, but thanks for putting me in a class alongside you, doc. Sorry you are in alot of pain with ADHD... it's something you've got to learn to live with.. I assume much like your being a drug addict.
What do you mean when you say someone who is willing to give you what you need without "letting you slip over"?
So, it sounds to you like I need to calm myself and learn to sleep without pills? For lack there of a better word, I had suddenly mistaken you for a family member of the doctors who I was seeing, The Ignoramus's. Sure it's worth a try, but how about after it's already been done several times? It does not work. I have seen doctor after doctor for this problem. Meditation and visualization may work for you, but I'm throwing those two out the window. I don't meditate and I don't visualize.
In addition, drinking warm milk before bed appears to be nothing but a placebo to me. How in god's name does it put trazadone in your system? Are you sure you aren't high and have relapsed as you wrote your reply? Moreover,thanks for the medical briefing doc, I know trazadone is an anti-depressant which may aid in sleep. Don't mean to be rude, but you struck a chord with me. Sorry I asked for input, I didn't know what I was getting into. Hope this helps.

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