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Thank you so much for giving some good advice! His bed wetting has been going on for a couple years. We have even taken him for x-rays of his bladder, kidneys, ect. Everything turned out fine. We tried the *stretch the bladder* type things. He goes through spells of not wetting, then it just happens for a couple days. At first, we thought it was because he was so tired, from being so hyper all day, that he just fell into a deep sleep and couldn't wake up to go. Then we used the excuse it was the meds he was taking. The sleeping pill he was on, was Seroquel, 25mg. I did not like the way it knocked him out, so I lowered it to half the dose. It helped him sleep, but still, he wet the bed, and woke up in the morning ill as a hornet! This is the one the dr. just took him off. The new one he gave him is Zyprexa 5 mg. He takes 1/2 pill every night. He has only been on it for 4 days as well. I am just hoping the bed wetting stops completely. He was a little embarrassed cause he had to wear depends under garments, but, he isnt using them now. I do limit his drinking at night, usually, I only allow him to drink up until an hour before bed. Just a little sip of water to wash his meds down. I also remind him to go use the restroom before bed. Thanks again for your advice! Any information is helpful to me.

Have you always had to take something to help you sleep at night? They told me this was part of the ADHD. My son also developed a tic disorder in between taking all the meds. It started at about age 8, have you had any similar problems?

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