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Genius, because of my drug history, my doctor which I happen to have right now, who I am soon switching from, is reluctant to give me any stimulants too. However, he recently prescribed me adderall to test how I will do with it. Currently my girlfriend holds the prescription and gives it to me, so I have no chance of abusing it. I refuse to take ritalin because it kicks you real hard with a rush for like 45 minutes then just drops you. In other words the medicine does not tapper off.
I don't know what your daughter is going thru, but for me the Strattera seems to be causing my moods to fluctuate a bit. I also noticed I feel much hotter in rooms where it may not neccisarily be too hot.

To answer your other question, Strattera is in no way doing what Ritalin or Adderall would or does do for me. I do not notice I can take a dosage in the morning and feel a direct effect that day. It seems to be building up in my system, and each day has it moments where I am a bit more concentrated. This medicine is deffinately not an instant healer. Hope this helps.

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