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My daughter's grades began to crash in the 6th grade. I wrote it off as her having to deal with my mother dying. Then, in the 7th grade, after mom was gone, I noticed she continued to struggle. This was not normal for her. She had always been a straight A student.

I talked to her pediatrician about it and he suggested putting her on Adderall. I was very opposed to the idea. I told him that my child wasn't hyper and didn't have ADD or ADHD. He said that that may be the case, however, the Adderall would help her with her concentration. He suggested we give it a try, so we did.

She just finished the 9th grade with A's and B's in honors classes. Were it not for the typical high school/hormone issues that teenagers deal with (and having to deal with my mental issues), I have no doubt she would have made straight A's.

Don't knock it til you try it.

Had these medications been readily available in the 1980's, maybe I wouldn't have dropped out of high school due to the stress related to my aversion to algebra. I had always been an A/B student. I never suspected ADD or a phobia of math. I LOVE math! I am just intimidated by it.

When I do math, I expect to see numbers...not letters. When I look at algebra, I get the sensation that one might get when sitting down to a meal only to find car parts on their dinner plate. 'What in the heck am I supposed to do with this?'

I am 42 and enrolled as a full time student. I start pre-nursing school in June. I have put off going back to school for 20 years due to my aversion to math.

Once I made up my mind to go back, I purchased every math workbook on the market (beginning with third grade math since that is now considered pre-algebra) and tried to teach myself math, lest I make a fool of myself in college.

I sat and stared blankly at the books, just like I had done over 20 years ago in school. Then I thought, "Hmmmm....I'm going to take an Adderall." So I did.

The effect that pill had on me was like turning on a light. I could suddenly SEE what I had been missing all along. I worked through about 3 workbooks that day.

I went to my doctor and asked him to put me on Adderall. He refused due to my age, but did put me on Vyvanse.

I took my entry tests for college and aced the reading and writing portions on a college level. I still have to start out in a very low level math. This upset me greatly and I became very discouraged. However, after voicing my despair regarding the matter to many friends (including those with their Doctorate and PhD), I have learned that I shouldn't beat myself up over it (but I still do). A friend who is a college professor of English said that he has trouble helping his son with his third grade math. One of the professors at my college overheard me voicing my shame regarding my math score and told me that, if she had to start over again, she would be in the same class with me. Apparently, it is pretty common to suck at math if you aren't a math person.

Well, that turned into a rambling mess. Gotta love amphetamines!!!!! :dizzy:

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