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This is week three on Strattera for my 7-year old son. We started with 25 mg for 4 days and then increased to 40 mg (he weighs 65 pounds). There isn't any change at all. I had my hopes up and was so glad to get him off stimulants. Stimulants didn't work well for him either. Our doctor has told us, that it takes 2 - 3 weeks to kick in, but when I am comparing all the other posts on message boards about Strattera, most of them report noticing a fast change. Son's teacher complains about him not focusing, not following through, not completing work, can't sit still etc. My son was on Ritalin, Metadate CD and Focalin. We have not tried Concerta yet. Our next appointment is 2-17. Is anybody else out there whose child also did not respond to Strattera?
I am reading a lot about tiredness on Strattera. It was a litte bit like that for my son as well. He just was ready to go to bed about one hour earlier than usual. We were told that there may be upset stomach problems for a week or so. I started my son on a weekend and he had no problems. Unfortunately his appetite on Strattera is very reduced.

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